As a new student and non-francophone in Morocco, it is mandatory to undergo a six month preparatory classes in basic french language during your first year in Morocco. This is a stepping stone for all freshmen giving the fact that most Moroccan universities offer their courses in french. These sessions are usually undertaken from January to June and during this time students are generally accommodated at the International Students Hostel (Cité Universitaire International). At the end of the six months students sits for their exams and apply for their various university programs after excelling in the said examination. 


The International Language Center (CIL) is a structure directly under AMCI. It was created in 2011 in response to a strong demand regularly coming from our non-French speaking partner countries, wishing to offer their students in Morocco the possibility of an upgrade in the French language allowing them to integrate in public institutions of higher education in Morocco. It is indeed challenging for non-francophone students who wishes to venture into the legal, economic, scientific, medical and technical sectors without basic notions in the french language. These students need specialized language tools in order to pursue their studies in appropriate conditions .


This challenge has been mitigated since the creation of the CIL, hundreds of non-French-speaking students have benefited from an upgrading course supervised and provided under the best conditions by qualified teachers and according to a specialized educational program.


At the end of the academic year, students who've completed the course successfully receive a certificate qualifying them to pursuit their career path in the most prestigious universities in Morocco across the kingdom.


Established in a conducive and pleasant learning environment, CIL also offers special courses like the Moroccan local dialect (Darija) for all students, with the aim of offering them the tools of daily communication to facilitate their adaptation and familiarization with their new environment.

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