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Anglophone Week 2017

the 2018 annual Anglophone Week, organised by The Union of Anglophone Students and Trainees in Morocco (UASTIM) also known as Anglophone Union, brought together all students from Anglophone countries to participate in a week of sports and social and cultural activities. GASAM,  participated as The Gambia in the football tournament and the Miss and Mister Competition. The Gambia came in second place in the Miss and Mister Competition as Miss Ida Mendy was recognised as first runner-up, bringing in silver for GASAM.

New Student Orientation 2017

GASAM organised another successful orientation for the new students, bringing in senior students enrolled in different fields of study, in different cities, to share their academic and personal experience in Morocco. Presentations on courses, requirements and living conditions were made, followed a question and answer session to shed much light on issues relevant to students and their studies in Morocco.

Fundraising Event 1, 2017

In the spirit of promoting our Gambian culture, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and shying away from dependency on membership contributions, GASAM organised a fundraising event, providing Gambian Benachin or Chep to the African community during the 2017 Anglophone Week.

Fundraising Event 2, 2017

On the occasion of the 2017 Anglophone Week, GASAM organised a second fundraising event at the Cité Universitaire Internationale, this time offering tasty Gambian Meat Pies and delicious Wonjo juice.

GASAM Week 2017 (Third Edition)

GASAM organised the third edition of its annual GASAM Week. It is a week dedicated to uniting Gambian students from all corners of the Kingdom of Morocco, to learn, bond and share common values in the interest preserving our brotherhood and promoting personal development through sports, social and cultural activities. Many new new activities were added to this year’s six-day GASAM Week, ranging from quizzes and new sporting activities to theatre and camping. To spice things up, a competitive edge was also added to this year’s edition by setting up competing teams that competed in almost all activities. Congratulations to Batch 2014/15 (Red Team) for their well-earned victory! The event also saw the introduction of the first set of GASAM Polo Shirts.

Maths Classes 2017

GASAM organised its annual Maths Classes sponsored by Heeno International, a Gambian NGO, under the leadership of Dr. Karamo M.N Sonko. Held during the summer, new students fresh from their French Year underwent an intensive program to prepare them for their courses in Moroccan universities.

Tobaski 2017

GASAM, more than an association, is a family. On foreign shores and far away from Mother Gambia and our respective families, GASAM steps in each year to bring together students to celebrate Tobaski or Eid Al-Adha as one family. Food and drink on one side, entertainment in the form of cards and board games on the other side.

Winter Trip 2018: Ifrane

GASAM organised its first official Ifrane Trip for its members, to explore one of the wonders of Morocco, giving students a chance to blow off some steam after an exhausting semester. The GASAM Hoodie offered serious protection against the freezing temperature and snow.

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