Our dear motherland after 55 years of independence continues to suffer as flooding claims ownership of our homes and houses.

If the agenda in a country is constantly changing even hourly and there is no change effected on the lives of its citizens positively then you must know that you are governed by ignorant, incompetent or selfish people, and perhaps worse. You are run by traitors who only serve their interest or foreign countries interests.

Because after 50 years of so-called independence, a country where you can run 20km of both its north and south from the center you leave its beautiful face behind, beneath which lies the most beautiful and deserving people who continue to suffer at the expense of the selfish interest of their elites.

A small country like The Gambia with a population less than a city cannot have a proper settlement plan for her people to live a healthy, safe and well secured life because the people we elect to take charge of our needs are worse than hyenas, busy looting our economy.

With tears it breaks my heart seeing our beloved fellow citizens becoming homeless because they had to abandon their homes because flooding claimed ownership of them, meanwhile the government is doing nothing to ease the already existing pain for over decades.

If the problem you have this year are the same problems you had last year, then you don’t have a leader, you are rather a problem on your own that must be solved by putting the right people in right place at the right moments.

I don’t know what we can claim development in, when we cannot feel comfortable sleeping in our own houses during rainy season, because we are afraid water can break in at any time because there are no drainage systems in place, with bad roads and that’s not a concern or a priority in our blue prints.

A national Disaster Management Agency who only waits for a disaster to happen before their presence can be felt. An agency that is quite great at exposing the vulnerable families who are always the victims to the media trauma with their photo shoots and offering them nothing.

A disaster management agency is not only in play when a disaster has already happened but also by taking measures to prevent disasters for example constructing good roads and proper drainage systems, building urban settlement policies etc.

Quite an unfortunate situation that these people of this beautiful country find themselves in, dealing with such struggles. You find your government primitive, ugly, clumsy and even stupid but on the other hand you love your country very much and you find it very beautiful.

May the blessings and the protection of our beloved Lord come to our aid because our leaders will always fail us by not showing up.

God bless our motherland The Gambia


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