Away From Home? By Mamat Jasseh

Living away from home is a big step for many reasons.

The clauses of ranging emotions you go through when you first move is a lifetime challenge but eventually we realise it was the best thing we have ever done.

The lessons you learn when you’re away are lessons you can use for the rest of your life.

Moreover, it’s just a great way to have hilarious stories to tell your loved ones.

Here are things only people who live away from home can really understand.

_1. You learn to enjoy being alone._

The quiet is disturbing at first, and you may find it difficult to get used to. Eventually, you learn to enjoy the quiet and learn that being alone is time for you to spend with yourself, which is very therapeutic. It becomes something you miss when you go back to visit your family from time to time.

_2. You have the opportunity to figure out what your thoughts on things are._

When you live at home, you are surrounded by people who have different opinions and these opinions have an effect on how you think.

When you are away, you have time to really find out what you think about certain things and develop your own set of reliefs.

_3. You realise you are stronger than you had realized._

When you’re faced with adversity, you seem to muster up strength you never knew you had. Only when you live away from home do you really see how strong you actually are when dealing with stressful situations.

_4. You appreciate the little things._

You never realised what a blessing it was to have a fridge full of groceries and a table ready with dinner when you were living at home. When you live away from home, you come home to a dark apartment with empty stomach and assignments. You will never take things for granted ever again.

_5. You learn to be more aware of your responsibilities._

When you live away, you develop a biological alarm clock that reminds you to do important things. This biological alarm clock doesn’t exist initially; it grows over time, and when it does, you end up being pretty proud of yourself.

_6.You become more aware of money and when not to spend it._

You have the balance of your debit account recorded in your mind, and you mentally subtract from it every time you spend, making sure you don’t go past your budget.

Sometimes you do spend too much, and when that does happen, you spend the rest of the month never leaving your apartment.

_7.You tend to double check if you locked the door and turned the stove off multiple times in one night._

You can never be too careful. You do not want to be the person that sets the fire alarm off at three in the morning.

_8.You learn to appreciate just how much you enjoyed being around your family, even if you didn’t realize it when you were living with them._

You miss their dumb jokes at the dinner table. You actually just miss having them at the dinner table. Any chance to video call with them is just bliss.

_9.You learn to self motivate._

With no one around to tell you what to do, it’s easy to get carried away, but you find a way to motivate yourself to do work. When you do end up getting work done, you feel pretty good about yourself.

_10. You develop some kind of organizational skills._

Even if things don’t seem organized to everyone around you, you understand your system and that’s the most important thing.

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