Away From Home part 2? By Mamat Jasseh

_11. You learn to appreciate the things that were done for you when you did live at home._

Now that you have to do stuffs all by yourself, you see how hard they actually were. Paying bills and writing checks are not exactly fun job. You are grateful that these jobs were once done for you, but appreciate that you are learning to do them yourself.

_12. You become an expert multi-tasker._

Multi-tasking is the best way you can make maximum use of your time. You never realized there would come a time when you had to cook whilst you were cleaning your room and reading simultaneously.

_13.You find that almost everything in life requires paper works._

You spend ninety percent of your time filling forms, legalizing documents, ticking boxes and signing on dotted lines.

If these works were a final exam you would probably get a hundred percent.

_14. When you take important phone calls._

You find that you have slowly transitioned from being awkward to actually sounding like a grown-up.

You hang up and you realize that you managed to make it through the phone call without saying anything awkward and that’s when you know you have won at life.

_15. You fake being an adult so well that you eventually become a fully functioning one._

During some point of your life away from home, you will have an out of body experience where you will watch yourself be such a grown up that you won’t even recognize yourself.

It’s a pretty much a spectacular moment that you’ll cherish for a long time.

_16. You become good at responding to unexpected changes._

You eventually deal with them calmly and rationally, which is a change from how you first used to deal with them. You are impressed with how well you handle erratic situations, but are glad you developed this vital life skill.

_17. You are a master at keeping in touch with people because you are so used to living away from people you love._

WhatsApp is your best friend when it comes to keeping in touch with people.

Seeing families unable to be with their loved ones except through video calls & people dying alone without their loved ones by their side make you appreciate every video calls.

_18.You learn to enjoy change and transitioning more than you used to._

You learn that change is a part of life and you find that change builds character.

You look at any potential changes as challenges that you will eventually master and learn valuable lessons from.

_19.You hold on to things less tightly_

You become good at letting go of things and moving on, which is a big part of growing up.

_20.You learn that Having strict principles & boundaries are NOT restrictions._

You’ve become so comfortable to say NO if need be. You learn that your principles & boundaries are necessary for your self-respect.

Moreover, you no longer accept things that aren’t in line with your values and you move differently.

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