Breaking News: Cities around the kingdom said goodbye to their legends .

Earlier last weekend, GASAM Fès and GASAM Settat organised a send off party for their graduates.

For GASAM Fès, it was Omar D. Bah and Maimuna Jawara both graduated with Bsc. in Radiology and BSc. in Anesthesia respectively. The city representative of the Fes Mr. Birom Bah expressed his satisfaction about the event on a telephone conversation and said "

It was an outing to express our gratitude to the graduates Maimuna Jawara and Omar D. Bah for their wonderful service to the GASAM Fès family 👪."

And for GASAM Settat, it was Ebrima Jammeh a graduate with BSc. Electrical engineering automation systems while Mrs. Jamilatou Bah Jallow has graduated with MSc. in Co-operate Finance.

Mr. Omar Cham the city representative of Settat also spoke to the media team as to how the graduates were helpful in Settat City and GASAM at large. He also added "Ebrima Jammeh is known to us as a very kindhearted, hardworking and dedicated senior likewise Mrs. Bah. The entire GASAM will miss their presence."

The party was embraced by the city representatives of both cities.

GASAM Wishes them all a successful stay in our dearest smiling coast of Africa.

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