Decolonization of our educational system and what does it mean ? By Mamat Jasseh

Decolonization makes an explicit gesture to pointing our attention to the fact that we must acknowledge that the education system emerges in and through the colonial project and to understand that it’s not simply a fact of history that it happened, that we can say it did happen, and then proceed as if it had not.

So, What i am trying to emancipate here is that the fact that education system not only emerges in and through colonial moments but also the ways in which the construction of knowledge in various disciplines are.

Speaking from my own particular point of departure, I was taught that A is for apple but I grew up in an environment where apples are barely seen.

I’m Gambian because a white man created Gambia and gave me that identity. I am black because the white man constructed black to be as different as possible from his white. But I was Wolof before the white man came in anyway.

Everything is centralized on the colonized education.

Coming back to the disciplines, they were constituted as forms of colonial knowledge meaning the conditions of their emerging often times were predicted upon a search for knowledge that were parts of the puzzle of the colonial projects and also the ways in which they are formed are defined in theoretical matters. The few practicals were never of benefit to the natives of Africa.

Again,when we talk about The decolonization of education, the first impulse must necessarily be the deconstruction of this colonized education that’s the moment we are in now, the moment where we explicitly acknowledge the importance of this topic.

Allow me to tell you all this: one of the main ways in which colonialism operates is to continually make sure they exist forever and they’re winning brothers & sisters!

So yes yes and yes ! It's moment of recognition of allowing the conversation to happen in our various platforms.

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