Do some of us have a future in our country ? By Ousman L Camara a life science student in Morocco

Do some of us have a future?

Looking at the educational system of our motherland is quite worrying, knowing how rotten and low standard it is. Here is a country, which is said to be having two ministries of education trying to provide education for a population of 2million people but still the quality of education in that country is among the Poorest and low standard.

Some of us young growing Gambians wanting to become research scientists all desire to go home and sacrifice our energetic time in helping in the building and production of knowledge through research to ease the complications in our environment and mostly in our health sector but there is a home for

us, which has no room or space where we can use to serve the needs of our people.

A country that do not even have a well-equipped and elegant research Centre where the challenges that both our health sector and environment are facing can be studied and offer simple solutions to them in our own realities.

Having a university which is not making research to help develop knowledge that our country can depend on.

The University of the Gambia Act has been passed over two decades now and yet still we cannot offer proper master's degrees talk less of doctorate programs. A university in which 75% of senior school graduates cannot have access to due to the high cost of fees attached , a cost that the administration claims to be using for the running of the university and here is the question; What is our Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology doing for this institution? That which supposed to be the brain and heart of the nation.

The Ministry of Higher Education needs to completely debunk the system and review all the educational policies because they are not serving the interest of the nation for how many young people have graduated from high schools and cannot have access to tertiary institutions?

Knowing that our poverty rate is at 70% and object poverty rate at 48% from a population of 2 million inhabitants, yet still we cannot provide affordable and quality education for this vulnerable population and hence leaving our national cake to be continuously be shared among the same privileged families who can afford the class.

From this covid19 pandemic we as a nation have a lot to learn as it shows us how much is needed to be done, it exposes the failure of institutions touching both our economy and health sector, we have no state own research center taking lead but instead we were and still at the mercy of MRC, the university research science department wasn't providing us with information.

All these have shown us how much is a necessity of reviewing the programs offered at the UTG and interest of the ministry to help better address our needs.

If we want our country, to develop we must focus on how to develop the UTG our knowledge production center to help better address our needs within the context of our current realities.


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