Gasamian of the Lustrum is awarded to Mr. Yahya Touray for his incredible and outstanding volunteer work with The Gambia Students' Association in Morocco for the past 5 years. Mr. Touray has currently bagged a BSc. In Business Administration and Human Resources Management and an Associate Degree in Law. Mr. Yahya Touray has contributed immensely in the development of the association and Gambian students in the kingdom in general. During the course of his studies in the kingdom, Mr. Yahya Touray has served as the Secretary General of the association in 2015/2016 and as a Vice President in 2017/2018. He has also served as an executive for the association of Anglophone Students in Morocco. During the 5 years he's spent in Morocco Mr. Touray has also led great initiatives that has shaped the association forever. He co-pioneered the first ever GASAM Week and participated in every activity organized during this week since then. He, in addition, has also led some of the most successful fundraisers of the association in recent years, led some constitutional amendments that has restructured the association to a more accommodating one for all and he was the Vice President of the association when it was registered and recognized by Moroccan authorities. These amazing success stories also include his participation in the Gambian students football team where he and his team has won several conpetions over the years. Mr. Touray will be greatly missed as he leaves the kingdom to return home to start and manage an enterprise called Rocma Farms. The idea of which is solely Gambian and its first investors are current students in Morocco. The aim is to support the national development plans of the Smiling Coast, youth empowerment and food self sufficiency. The enterprise will start production early next year and more investors are welcome from the general public on or +212 643943568 / +220 7946446. We wish you the very best in your future endeavors Mr. Touray

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