Happy 15th Year Anniversary 

Statement by the President I wish to join everyone to say Happy 15th year anniversary from my executive to all Gasamians in the kingdom or abroad. Today marks a significant day in the annals of this association.

15 years ago, Gambian students in the kingdom of Morocco decided to officialize their union as students who seek to come together and support each other during their stay in the kingdom while serving as ambassadors at large for The Gambia. Over the years, this support has grown from financial to social, educational as well as moral. Our strength as an association revolves around this phenomena. Today I wish to remind us about the core values of the association which is togetherness. Let's endeavor to represent our motherland, The Gambia while serving as each other's keepers and supports.

From the 20th of this month, my executive launched an anniversary video challenge for members to record a maximum of 90 seconds video expressing their fun and educational memories with GASAM. May I say on behalf of my executive and on my own behalf, thank you to all members who created time to make one. The results are indeed overwhelming. My executive are more than committed to serving this great association and make it a better and stronger one. Our campaign promises are on track because of your support and guidance. On this 15th anniversary we equally implore on all of you, let's come together and take the association to another height. Let's channel the knowledge gained here in serving The Gambia. God bless GASAM, God bless Gasamians. Happy 15th anniversary once more.

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