News: Batch Snow enrolled to study French Language 

The newest batch of Gambian students in the kingdom of Morocco dubbed Batch Snow have finally started their French Language classes in the Kingdom.

The students totaling 41 arrived in Morocco in the early hours of Wednesday, 13th of November 2019. These students were selected and awarded a scholarship to study different educational disciplines in the kingdom by MOHERST.

However, French as the language of taught in moroccan universities, it is a requirement for these students to learn the French language course for the next seven months before they are administered into these universities, .

When asked about their first day experience in a language class, some of the students answered;

"It was challenging, but we are just managing" - Fatoumatta Panneh and Isatou Joof

Other students added that "The first day in any class is never easy, especially in a language class I have a little understanding of, it was challenging but with time I will catch up" says Ebrima Sillah.

Yaya A Ceesay also answered the question by saying "Yes honestly it was not easy for people like me without a strong foundation, is a must that I am facing some difficulties, but I will cope in shaa Allah as time goes on and will master it one day by the grace of Allah".

The French language course will allow these students to learn both the written (grammar) and oral French to better prepare them before they start their respective programs by September 2020.

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GASAM Media Team

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