Our Educational System by Ousman L Camara a second year life science student

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today, so have we as a country-the Gambia or a continent - Africa at large been preparing? Since we never owned a tomorrow.

Change is the end result of all true learning, have we been registering meaningful changes as a result of our educational systems in place?

I believe Africa, especially the Gambia needs a complete review of all educational policies and programs from lower educational systems to the tertiary institutions.

Looking at the nature of how we all get to choose our careers shows the need to restructure the system. We live in societies where the smartest kids are forced or encouraged to join the science field to become engineers, medical doctors, research scientists, nurse etc. and the second class students get to study commerce to become managers for the first class and our economy and the third class get to move into the arts field where very important public figures like politicians, lawyers are from and they get to control both the first and second class students. And forcing the dropouts to join our security forces more especially the military and occupy a huge vacuum of power living us at the mercy of their comfort.

The system in place is dictating the outcomes of our societies, which is controlling the direction and to the land of development. We need a system where practical education needs to be encouraged at the lower grades to help students identify where their hidden talents lie and get to choose a career based on their passion and interest but not the influence of the system.

The roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet, the end results we all yearn for will be realized. Have competent and qualified personnel across all sectors who will be working with passion, interest and the mindset for that sector, and innovation will become the order of the day.

Another major issue retarding us in our education systems are these excessive exams. They are not giving us standards but instead driving up stress for both students and the teachers.

The system is forcing teachers to teach for exams, narrowing down to parts they deem necessary of core subjects to get through exams that are not helping the students and the end results for the society.

We need to prepare children for the realities of life, not for exams.

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