"Things that do not seem to be problems and are never talked about" by Ousman Camara

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Knowing the fact that being a young person from childhood to the youthful stage in the Gambia is one of the most challenging thing that one can ever face in life. More especially when one is from a vulnerable family, where both parents do not have jobs and surely depend on the micro businesses or farming to sustain the family, pay their children's school fees and take care of their medical bills well.

As research have shown us recently the huge difference between private and public

schools in the past two decades, also knowing the fact that must of the families in the Gambia cannot afford to take their children to private schools, forcing them to go through the less quality public schools available in the country, which has led to low qualities of results of many youths, at the end succumbing them to numerous challenges out there to secure space in the tertiary institutions to further their education, as competition is the order

of the day.

That being one of the factors that most vulnerable Gambian youths are facing in building a life time career, many students or youths are forced to quit from the line of their educational career simply because of the grades that cannot give them entrance to the next level or because of financial constraints.

Gradually, the country is losing its' future because most of the school dropouts or those

who cannot continue their education are not engaging themselves in to livelihood skill training sectors to earn themselves a living and cut the chain of the dependency but instead a greater percentage of them are suffering trying to cross the Mediterranean sea to Europe in search of greener pasture.

Since the African governments are doing less to help develop or educate their huge youthful population, especially the Gambia, it's high time the people of our communities take charge of the destiny of our country, since the destiny of the youths is our destiny.

It’s quite disheartening that people in charge of public office have no faith in those offices because their kids never attain a school that the son of an ordinary farmer attends, we don’t share the same hospitals.

The magnitude of African governments' negligence towards helping their youths is amazing, especially in the Gambia. The involvement of our governments in empowering the youths is highly needed due to the long decades of ignoring them, which has its serious consequences in the development of the African continent.

In the case of the Gambia where it is claimed 70% of the population is said to be the youths, but that youthful population has no effect in booming the economy of the state simply because of the rate of unemployment amongst the youths. Thousands of youths are graduating with degrees from the University of The Gambia every year and there is no space in the job market for them to be consumed. When it comes to school dropouts or skill training of young people, the government has no plans or programs to support them to set up small enterprises through grants or loans, leaving the youths at the mercy of the private sector's continuous exploitation.

The government can empower the young people within the four corners of the Gambia due to the fact that the Gambia is a blessed country when it comes to resources that can be utilized to help create jobs and employment for the young people.

Looking at the nature of the Gambia, having a river that supports both farming and fishing running from one end of the country to the other, fertile land and sun, amazing hard working women and youths ready to work and yet still the government cannot capitalized or utilized most of these resources to create jobs for youths for over fifty years after independence.

The government can come up with very easy solutions to the reduction of youth unemployment in the country by simply providing fishing and agricultural materials as grants to youths who have interest in working at those sectors at the same time the country can become self-sufficient when it comes to nutrition, bring legislations that can help save guard our forest carvers where youths can earn employment as guide for bird watching and the likes since Gambia is a hotspot for tourists, provide grants to the young entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses since the central government cannot provide job for all, give startup capital to skill learned youths and give scholarship to at least 50% of the graduating underprivileged young people on yearly basis, etc.

Even in the public sectors, the government can empower the youths by giving them some key positions in the government to take charge of the affairs of the state,thereby instilling in them the sense of responsibility and ownership and more especially will serve as a source of inspiration to other youths out there.

The government is the major player in developing the youths of the nation especially with a vulnerable youthful population like that of the Gambia. It's high time that our leaders see the fact that, when they want the Gambia and even Africa to rise, the youths must be put at the forefront of the fight in order to win the long fighting battle.

What we have seen is that, governments always come telling us they are having reform agenda for us while the reform is entirely their pockets.

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