We live in a world full of dreamers; everyone wants to achieve something worthwhile but the problem is, everyone is not willing to make the sacrifices, bear the pain of hard work, adversity, failure and rejection in order to achieve their goals. The limited number of people, who made it to the top didn't miraculously reach there; they have undergone a lot of unseen struggle and pain before achieving their dreams.

As you are reading, think of that glamorous thing you would want to accomplish in life. I'm not a fortune teller but I can confidently say that it's possible, no matter how big that dream is, it's achievable! What differentiates human beings from other living kinds is the unlimited potential that God has given us. A tree will always remain a tree, a dog cannot be more than a dog likewise an ant but God has given us unlimited potentials in the sense that we can always be better than the kind of people we were before: we can always do more, be more and become more.

This two worded sentence, ‘’dream big", that we’ve been hearing every time, should make us to dream something big to an extent that we will be guaranteed a perpetual existence in the sense that our presence will be felt even though our bodies and souls are separated. The LEGACY we will leave is the only thing that can exist for eternity and not owning the tallest storey building in town, neither purchasing the most expensive car. No matter how much wealth you leave behind, it will ultimately finish but the legacy you leave will exist for eternity. Many people leave different legacies, but the real legends are the ones who have contributed immensely to the lives and livelihoods of the people. There's nothing wrong with having a dream car and a dream house for It's great to dream to live a better life. However, It's important that we think of not only living a happy life with our families, friends and close relatives but also think of what we can do for humanity, how to contribute to the society and make a difference in the world. Don’t just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference.

Having a dream is not difficult but achieving it is what is hard. In trying to achieve your dreams, a lot of challenges might come your way but don't ever give up or quit for quitters never win. It might be so difficult and painful but understand that there are two types of pain, the pain of hard work and the pain of regret. The pain of regret is incurable and incalculable whereas the pain of hard work will help you to grow and yield you positive returns. It's said that hard work is bitter but its fruit is sweet. YES! Those who sowed its seeds are now enjoying its fruit. You have to work for it now and enjoy tomorrow; Sweat for it today and shine tomorrow. Hard work is a raw material that can provide you the most precious finished products, so go and exploit it.

Being a dreamer, it's better to have positive people, who'll fill your mind with hope and confidence, around you. If you have mind poisoners and energy drainers, who will belittle and laugh at you, tell you that you are disturbing yourself or wasting your time and bring all sorts of proofs of the likelihood of you failing, as contemporaries, the chances of accomplishing your goals are slim. Our society is full of fixed minded people. There are certain people who will not try anything new, even what they're passionate about, due to the fear of failure and what people might say, but they will criticize and laugh at someone who is chasing his/her dream. Worst of all sorts of criticisms and laughter come after experiencing failure or going through some setbacks. That's the time they will stand at a better chance to discourage you because, to them, those hard times mean incompetence and are signs of impossibility not knowing that failure and setbacks are part of success. Not knowing that failure is something to learn from and not a proof of incompetence, and not knowing and realizing that there's always room for excellence with constant practice and self-belief. We live in a society full of people suffering from intense myopia; they fundamentally lack the ability to understand that greatness can be achieved in the long-run. It makes me wonder at times when I see certain people, to a certain extent, tell their fellows that they won’t be able to do something or they will fail. Some of them are so confident that you tend to think that they spoke to God regarding your destiny or you might wonder whether they were helping God the time he was painting the sky and they were able to ask him what would happen in the future. There is another group of people who will tell you “this is the simplest thing and you cannot do it, I don’t know how will you be able to that?”. They easily judge people based on their circumstances. The circumstances you are facing are not fixed, they are bound to change. You just need focus on your dream because people's doubt about the likelihood of achieving your goals is none of your business neither theirs.

The power of passion and obsession, a burning desire, cannot be overemphasized when you are chasing your dream. It's an unarguable fact that passion can ultimately make one to do miraculous things for it serves as a magnet between you and your desires. We have seen people who initially had no ideas as to what they were passionate about, but they ultimately became experts in those domains. When you have passion for something, I mean when you are really obsessed with the process of getting it done, failure, rejection, disappointments and adversity will be the firewood that should increase the flames of your fire; they should make you hungrier and more energetic but not to give you reasons for giving up.

Many people have some great things they would want to accomplish in life but they substantially lack the courage to act; doing the first attempt. They are carried away by what others might think about them when they make mistakes or fail. In one of his speeches, Les Brown said, the richest place on earth is the graveyard for its there you find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared and the cures that were never shared all because someone was afraid to take the first step, keep with the problem or determined to carry own their dream". Are you willing to die without having accomplished those nagging ideas in your brain? The answer is certainly NO, so take the first step and move gradually until you have it entirely done. Don’t let your fears overcome you, instead, overcome them by doing what you are afraid of. You will not know how fearless your fears are until you do what you are afraid of.

Most of us are disturbed by procrastination; the process of not doing something today in the expense of another day. Jim Rohn said, procrastination is the easy way of life which yields no fruit but only the branches of mediocrity. So, having a great sense of urgency is important as you are chasing your dreams. The i-will-do-it one-day attitude will always turn to a-not-properly-done task. Don't postpone the things you can do today hoping to do them another day for that might be too late.

Achieving your biggest aspirations doesn't come via shortcuts. It might take a long time coupled with a lot of embarrassments and adversity but it worth it. Sometimes the process might be lengthy to you and you might think that you have not been progressing but always remember of the Chinese bamboo tree, which according to sources, can have it’s seed watered and fertilized for five (5) years without been able to see any visible evidence that something is happening but once it sprouts, it has a maximum growth rate of 99cm per hour. That’s sensational right? The same thing can be applied to your dream, don’t stop watering and fertilizing it by working hard for it. Just hold a clear vision of where you would want to be in the future and you'll ultimately reach there by the grace of God. Jack Ma's story should make everyone believe that anything is possible in life. He failed a key primary school test for two times and three times for the middle school. For three years, he failed in university. He applied a job for thirty (30) times and got rejected. He applied for a KFC job in China in which 24 applied and he was the only one rejected. Five of them applied for a police job and the four (4) were accepted apart from him. And, he applied for Harvard university for ten (10) times and got rejected. Despite all these setbacks, he didn't give up and he has changed all those setbacks to comebacks. He's one of the Co-founders of Ali baba, a company that worth 19.82 billion US dollars and he serves as an inspiration to many young people. Had it been he gave up, that would not have been possible. Live your dreams and make a remarkable difference in the world.

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